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The closest legally downloadable USMLE audio prep course is the Gold Standard product:

Customers have been asking and asking for Goljan Audio – So ApolloAudiobooks.com did some research to find legal copies of Goljan’s Audio Pathology reviews to provide to our customers. This is what we found:

  1. Dr. Goljan currently is on the faculty at Oklahoma State University, and until recently gave his pathology review for Becker (formerly Falcon). At most recent check, he was not listed on any of the Becker courses as instructor, although his profile is on their site.
  2. Dr. Goljan has NOT endorsed any electronic copies of his audio lectures. Basically, any Goljan Audio program you find on the web is a pirated recording.
  3. There are tons of illegal torrents and downloads of Dr. Goljan`s lectures on the web. We take piracy very seriously, and cannot endorse any audio file that infringes on Dr. Goljan`s copyrighted material.

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About Dr. Goljan of Goljan Audio Pathology Review

The Mythical History of Dr. Ed Goljan of and the USMLE Step 1

Dr. Ed Goljan Audio Lecture InformationTo some unacquainted with Dr. Ed Goljan of Goljan audio lectures, you may not know how this mythical personality developed out of an “ordinary” pathology professor. Reviewing the available data on the internet regarding Dr. Ed Goljan, there is an interesting explanation for his personality. The pages of the OSU Health Sciences Center website where Dr. Goljan is currently professor of pathology reveal that he spent several years in the US Navy. If you have ever listened to his curt, to-the-point remarks, you can see where the Navy may indeed have helped create the professor we know today.

Take a look at these quotes found on the Dr. Ed Goljan Audio Pathology Facebook fan page (apparently taken out of the Audio MP3 lectures):

NOTE: we cannot positively corroborate these as actual quotes – only Dr. Goljan can do that!

“Shhh shhh, now let’s reaccumulate like pitting edema!”


“In terms of what’s important everything is important, so forget the underlining ‘cuz you would need a paint brush!”


“….unless you have a hole in your head it should stay in your head!”


“Yooou are smarter than those guys who make the boards” (then he makes a geek voice): “Well Dr. Goljan I don’t agree with you about that!”

When you listen to Dr. Goljan audio or in person, you can appreciate that something is funny because it is true. There was never anything as true as saying you can forget underlining ” ‘cuz you would need a paint brush!” That’s what medical school is all about. It is about getting beyond memorizing a fact or two and get all the way to understanding a million facts and applying them all together.

In addition to the time Dr. Goljan spent in the US Navy, he is also an accomplished arm wrestler, if you believe the reports from the OSU website. Apparently Dr. Goljan started arm wrestling when he was 8 years old, could beat his dad by the time he was 11 years old, could beat everyone at his naval base in the service, was a competitor in the ABC Wide World of Sports Wrist Wrestling Competition, and at 61 years old, Dr. Goljan is still a contender – beating second year medical students 40 years his junior. Not a topic you would find discussed on most USMLE forums!

But Where Did He Come From Before he taught for the Step One USMLE?

Before he taught the Step One USMLE, this mythical personality of Goljan audio had a fairly straightforward resume. He received his BS from St. Gonaventure University in Orlean, NY, and then his MD from Temple University School of Medicine in Philidelphia PA. Dr. Goljan then did his Internship at Reading Hospital in Reading, PA, and pathology residencies at San Diego Naval Hospital (here comes the Navy!) and Reading Hospital. He became certified in Clinical Pathology by the American Board of Pathology in Anatomic Pathology in 1976.

Dr. Goljan of Goljan audio subsequently became assistant professor at the ultra-conservative Oral Roberts University School of Medicine in Tulsa Oklahoma in 1981. This conservative location probably meshed well with his background as a naval officer and futher served to shape the Dr. Goljan of Goljan audio we know today. He then did a stint in Arizona before finally perching himself at OSU School of Medicine where he elevated himself from clinical associate professor of pathology, to chairman of pathology, to finally curriculum coordinator of pathology from 2007 to present.

The Famous Goljan Publications

Dr. Goljan is responsible for several USMLE publications that have been the cornerstone of students’ study materials for the USMLE. Of note, Dr. Goljan published the “Board Simulator Series” which was instrumental in many students passing the USMLE exams. Many of you have probaby not heard of Dr. Goljan’s “Board Simulator Series” as it was published in 1996 and is now a little out of date, but an excellent review resource.

He then published several other texts such as the “Most Commons” in Pathology and Medicine. The medical education expert Dr. Pelley then worked with Dr. Goljan on his first Rapid Review book “Rapid Review Biochemistry” in 2003. Finally, he reached the pinnacle of his publications with “Rapid Review Pathology” in 2004 – the first books to replace Robbins Pathology as the “gold standard” medical licensing exam textbook in decades! Goljan’s Rapid Review Pathology is integrated heavily in the TAUS method of USMLE step 1 prep.

The Goljan Audio Lectures

Somewhere along the way Dr. Goljan was recognized for unique and effective teaching style as well as his enormous depth and breadth of knowledge. He became associated with Kaplan Medical Education and gave is Pathology Review for the USMLE Step 1 under the Kaplan medical banner in New York, New Jersey and Chicago. These lectures, rather outdated, are where most of the Goljan audio mp3 reviews that you may find come from. Of note, Dr. Goljan himself nevered approved nor intended his lectures to be distributed gratis (or otherwise) all over the internet. Our investigations have revealed that Dr. Goljan never intended to be a “super-star” with his name, likeness, and audio all over the internet. He simply offers an excellent pathology review based on decades of experience.

About Dr. Goljan Free Audio Pathology Review and Legitimate Free USMLE Audio Resources

So What is Goljan Audio Pathology?

As mentioned above, Apollo Audiobooks truly scoured the internet to find a legitimate, legal copy of Dr. Ed Goljan’s Audio Pathology Review to promote on our website. The truth is, one does not exist. Every audio copy of Dr. Goljan’s pathology USMLE review is a pirated copy from some lecture or other given at a review course. He never consented to be recorded, he never wanted to be recorded, he never wanted to be famous. At Apollo Audiobooks we take the issue of piracy very seriously (as medical professionals have lost their license and medical students have been expelled from school for piracy violations). Therefore, rather than point you to some pirated, poor quality, out-of-date, and incomplete audio recording, we encourage you to either sign up for our free audio USMLE monthly downloads, or purchase one of the inexpensive complete courses.

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