Vascular Surgery CME Courses

Vascular Surgery CME Courses

Format: DVD
Price: $645
Release Date: 2/15/2015
Expiration Date: 2/14/2017

The Silver Anniversary edition of Advances in Vascular Imaging & Diagnosis gives a complete update on the analysis as well as management of vascular disease. The ultrasound component of the internationally renowned VEITHsymposium®, AVIDsymposium is worth up to 16.5 AMA PRA Category I Credits™, this program FULFILLS VASCULAR LAB CME REQUIREMENTS.

Subjects: Real time B-mode imaging, non-invasive techniques, color and spectral Doppler, cerebrovascular issues, vascular lab management, reimbursement, vascular ultrasound education, and laboratory accreditation.

ALL NEW: HANDS-ON presentations demonstrate scanning techniques in real time! HD video capture provides optimal image clarity, including presenters' cursor movements. DVD-ROM also includes exportable presentation files for viewing on iPads, smart phones and other mobile devices. Immediate online accreditation available following completion!

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Format: Audio CD, DVD, MP3, MP4, Online Streaming Video
Price: $1395 to $1995.
Release Date: 10/30/2015
Expiration Date: 10/30/2018
Summary: A Comprehensive Review and Update of What’s New in Vascular and Endovascular Surgery recognizes four vital pillars of vascular surgery practice, which include (1) the medical aspects of patient management, (2) catheter-based intervention (endovascular surgery), (3) conventional open operations the medical aspects of patient management, (4) diagnostic imaging and noninvasive testing. An internationally established faculty presents a thorough survey of generally accepted views, including fundamental science, pathogenesis, diagnosis, and management of the vast spectrum of vascular disorders. The course targets practicing vascular surgeons who wish to review the specialty and enhance their knowledge of new topics in this rapidly growing field. Also, vascular surgery residents will find this program a comprehensive review of the subject that is designed to add to their training and to provide a foundation of basic science necessary for their complete comprehension of the subject. It adheres to the clinical and basic science curriculum as recommended by the vascular surgery program directors (APDVS).
Format: DVD, MP4
Price: $795 - $895
Release Date: 6/1/2014
Expiration Date: 5/31/2016
Summary: Intensive Vascular Ultrasound Interpretation Review and Registry Preparation will cover a complete spectrum of vascular laboratory diagnostics, including both ultrasound and physiological testing. Newer topics include Use of Ultrasound in the Pre-Procedural Planning and Post-Procedural Follow-Up after Venous Ablation Procedures, Essentials of Quality and Accreditation in the Vascular Laboratory.
Format: Audio CD, MP3
Price: $59 - $175
Summary: Learn on the go - with almost 15 hours of material recorded at our live review courses. The Osler Institute utilizes modern equipment to record each of our review courses. Then, based on participant feedback, develops a set of lectures including the top ranked speakers for each of the topics discussed. Each CD includes a full day of lectures in MP3 format - listen to on your computer, MP3 compatible CD player , or load onto your MP3 player Included with each set is an electronic copy of the syllabus that relates with the audio lectures. Topics discussed Include: DISC 1: Acute Stroke Management by Majaz Moonis **** Cases in Interventional Therapy by Majaz Moonis **** Neuroimaging- Hematoma by Macarthur Drake **** Neuroimaging- ICH by Macarthur Drake **** Stroke Prevention by Majaz Moonis**** Infarction by Macarthur Drake **** Neuroimaging- Vascular by Macarthur Drake **** Differential Diagnosis of Stroke by John Lossing **** Post Stroke Recovery and Neurorehabilitation by John Lossing **** Neuropathology of Stroke and Pathophysiology by Murray Flaster DISC 2: Rare Causes of Stroke by Sarkis Morales-Vidal **** Neuroimaging **** Stroke Syndromes by Majaz Moonis **** Stroke in Young Adults by Shyam Prabhakaran **** Stroke Risk Factors and Neuroanatomy by Shyam Prabhakaran **** Stroke Critical Care by Agnieska Ardelt **** Transcranial Doppler by Agnieska Ardelt
Format: Live Course
Price: $816 - $1,020

This 3-day seminar with PowerPoint presentations and e-syllabus plus practice questions is developed to provide a comprehensive summary for those preparing for their vascular surgery certification or recertification exams.

Topics Covered include:

Cerebrovascular Diseases *** Aortic Artery Aneurysm *** Atherosclerosis *** Thoracic Aorta Dissection *** Carotid Endarterectomy *** Abdominal Aorta *** Arterial Fibro Dysplasia *** Iliac Artery Aneurysms *** Management of Strokes *** Surgical Treatments *** Carotid Artery Occlusion *** Carotid Artery Reconstruction *** Extracranial Carotid Aneurysm *** Visceral Artery Diseases

Carotid Body Tumors *** Mesenteric Artery Diseases *** Renal Vascular Disease *** Endovascular Surgery *** Vascular Trauma *** Peripheral Artery Disease *** Upper Extremity *** Venous Insufficiency *** Lower Extremity *** Venous Occlusion *** Venous Diseases *** Venous Ulcers

Format: Live Course
Price: Free
Release Date: 10/27/2015
Expiration Date: 4/27/2016
Summary: Featured Content:
  • Examining key diagnostic methods for definitive diagnosis of IPF
  • Identifying the hallmark signs and symptoms of IPF
  • Exploring the advances in defining pathologic features and molecular pathways activated in IPF
  • Selecting potential targets of the IPF disease process that can be leveraged for drug development
  • Reviewing new antifibrotic drugs that extend survival and improve quality of life

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